About Us

Our Story


My career began over ten years ago while working as Sales representative for a Vending machine company in the DC metro area. While driving numerous hours and restocking I learned to handle all the different kinds of multi-level security locks. 

I began as a subcontractor for different locksmith companies in order to learn more about the industry. During this time I also learned about the market and all the different ways a locksmith company can serve our community. As a young professional who had a passion for business and the dream of having my own company, this is when it all clicked as I decided to apply all the skills learned at school, and my previous jobs and this is how AMP Nova Services was created.  

Getting there wasn’t easy I started with a couple small residential contracts from a variety of sources ranging from real estate agents, residential management offices, and with the help of family and friends. With time AMP Nova Services expanded to provide additional automobile and commercial services. 

Today our company continues to grow, with the same values and views of a small family owed company committed to serve our community.